Thursday, 10 May 2012

Stress - count yourself lucky

Sir Michael Wilshaw has been at it again saying that today's teachers are not stressed but have never had it so good, to coin a phrase. He goes on to say that when he was a teacher, stress really did exist, but not now, in what sounds like the Monty Python sketch along the lines of "I had to get up before I went to bed, lick the road clean etc".

You have to read the article, and like trying not to chew a Fruit Pastille, try not to allow your jaw to smash onto the floor as you get further into it.

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The bloke will always astound me as he alienates every member of the teaching profession. This speech to a load of independent school heads attacked the one group who may have some sympathy for him and his policies, namely current headteachers. He stated that teachers use stress, Ofsted, the local authority, the government and a whole host of other people to blame for their inadequacies.

This despite the fact that teaching is regarded as the third most stressful job by the Health and Safety Executve. You'd expect them to know what they are on about, although they are a government agency. My inability to sleep for more than 4 hours per night during term time despite the fact that I sleep like a log during the holidays is purely coincidental I suppose. 

I'm not going to actually type what I think of him, but be reassured that the one word I'm thinking of begins with the third letter of the alphabet.

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